News Sciences Humaines and Le Cercle Psy
Written by Carnegie    dimanche, 13 décembre 2009

Psyblogs recently developed an Igoogle gadget that allows to follow news from Sciences Humaines and Le Cercle Psy Psy french sites.

Add this gadget to your personnalzed pages just by clicking this link : Gadget Igoogle - Flux Rss Sciences Humaines / Le Cercle Psy

3 tabs allows to seperatly follow news from these sites :

  • Tab Sciences Humaines follows rss feed
  • Tab Le Cercle Psy  follows rss feed
  • Third tab includes information about these sites
Any trouble or suggestion? contact me
News Pour la Science and Cerveau & Psycho (fr)
Written by Carnegie    dimanche, 13 décembre 2009

Psyblogs has recently developed an Igoogle Gadget that allows to follow news from French Sites Pour la Science and Cerveau et Psycho.

Add this gadget on your Google personnalized page just by clicking this link Gadget Igoogle - Flux Rss Pour la Science / Cerveau & Psycho

This Gadget allows to separatly follow news on 4 tabs : News from site Pour la science, News from Magazine, News from site Cerveau et Psycho

 Any trouble or suggestion? contact the author

Plugins Blank and NoFollow for Joomla
Written by Carnegie    jeudi, 26 mars 2009

External Blank and NoFollow is a small plugins that automatically recognizes external links. Based on mfblank by marcofolio, EBNF, when it finds an external link, it adds a target = blank , rel = nofollow , and a small icon for your visitor to see this link points to an external page.

This plugins is based on the amazing work by Marcofolio. Just download it by cliking on this link : Joomla plugins Blank and No Follow attributes.

Netvibes gadget for a psychologist
Written by Carnegie    jeudi, 16 octobre 2008

Psyblogs recently developped a Netvibes Gadget that follow news from four sites on where Jisee (Jean-Christophe Dardart), clinician psychologist, write some articles.

Le cerveau Google
Written by Carnegie    mercredi, 08 octobre 2008
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Potentiel d'action ou algorithme de pagerank? duplicate content ou apprentissage? Google, le moteur utilisé par une large majorité des internautes, doit-il son succès à la proximité que son fonctionnemet révèle, de notre propre cerveau? Si l'analogie reste ce qu'elle est indubitablement, on peut déceler dans les algorithmes de la machine, le reflet de certaines fonctions cérébrales qui optimisent nos performances. Et si Google était le cerveau de l'humanité?
Google Psychology
Written by Carnegie    samedi, 20 septembre 2008

When Google and Psychology meet themselves... is now working on a new search engine, based on search technology by Google, that privilege reliable information. A first version is on alpha test. It allows you to search, in a single request, thrugh normal search by google, enhanced search google psy (some reliable sites are more visible in the results), but also videos, images, books... Videos are available directly in the page. A second group of tab classify posts related to your request, by category of content (Articles, news, images, forum threads, or articles from the blogs). All in one search! So Normal search is available, as if you were searching through a normal google search page, except it is enhanced with several other and usefull search results! I'm working on an english version, but it is not already online.

So,  all is still in a test phase. Contact me for suggestion, ideas,  request, etc... If you wish to have one for your site, just tell me ;)

test googlepsy with this url : example of search

Documentaire historique de Google
Written by Carnegie    lundi, 18 août 2008
Here is a nice video report about the history of Google. It also presents some of Google services that are very usefool.
Define your effective domain name - www or not?
Written by Carnegie    dimanche, 08 juin 2008
Most of the domain names are available with two Url, like or Even though we prefer one of the two, we rarely pay attention to this duplicity, and don't imagine that it could be better to choose one of them.
Psychology Icons
Written by Carnegie    mercredi, 16 avril 2008

Here are several and multicolored icons I've made for a work on a psychology site. These icons can be freely downloaded in Download section. Here are two example of them (each with the two available height and width)

icone psychologie télécharger gratuit icone psychologie télécharger gratuiticone psychologie télécharger gratuiticone psychologie télécharger gratuit

Icônes psychologie multicolores - Psychology multicolors icons - Png 30 par 30 pixels

Icônes psychologie multicolores - Psychology multicolors icons - Png 50 par 50 pixels 

Feed Flares : Optimize your feeds with options
Written by Carnegie    mardi, 15 avril 2008
Some site have feeds but no possibilities to allow their readers to send their content via mail, or some submission button to Facebook, Feedburner allows you to add options to your feeds ; feed flares are new fonctionnalities directly integrated to your feeds that allow readers, for example, to submit your content to social sites (as, Furl, Stumble...), send content by email, ad a lot of other features.
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