Digg-likes, bookmarks, what is it?
Written by Carnegie    mardi, 08 avril 2008

These social services are powerful tools for webmasters who want to show their site and their writings. They are too powerfull tools for visitors, who want to follow news and share good information they have found.

Several social sites are well-known, like MySpace, Facebook, Digg.com. All of them don't have the same goal or the same utility. We generally distinguish Digglikes from Bookmarks sites :


  • Digglikes, like the pionnier Digg.com, are usefull for webmasters and author, allowing them to present writings and encourage digglike visitors tout discover their site. Digglikes have also many utilities for visitors, they allow them to follow news about particular subjet or general ones, promote the content they have appreciated, etc....
  • Structural running of these sites is often define on a simple mode : each link, submitted by author, visitors, is placed on a waiting page where visitor can follow the link of this post, read or see the information it contains. If this is a good link for him, he can vote for this link and so, warn other visitor this link is reliable. When a link collect enough votes, site automatically present it in a more visible way (waiting pages are often single url, and links with lots of votes are paced on the root of the site, where most of the visitors can seed them. So, for webmasters, it's a single way to have their sites and writings being more visible and visited. Some of the digglikes increase also visibility for search engines. 

  • Bookmarksare more personnal : visitors can store links they like by using online bookmarks, as if they used normal bookmark services on their browser (firefox, opera, etc...). But there an important point that make online bookmarks particular : they can be public and shared, so bookmarks can be send, shared with you're friend... The second important point is that bookmarks have evoluted for communities and are often associated to tags (it allows bookmarks to be categorized). This is particularely powerfull : every one can see bookmarks from other people, associated with the tag he wants. So he can search, for example, all bookmarked links related to the tag "psychology". It's a very usefull way to discover related content about something you're searching for. Social service like Blogmarks or Del.icio.us allows you to fnd reliable writings, and they also give a "popularity" information about bookmarks (number of people who have bookmarked these links. Popularity and related content, when mixed, are two great indicators of a good link you should visit. Bookmarks also allow you to store important links or information, that are allways available online, whatever the computer you use. you just have to be connected to find again all your favorites links, or documents.
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