Google Psychology
Written by Carnegie    samedi, 20 septembre 2008

When Google and Psychology meet themselves... is now working on a new search engine, based on search technology by Google, that privilege reliable information. A first version is on alpha test. It allows you to search, in a single request, thrugh normal search by google, enhanced search google psy (some reliable sites are more visible in the results), but also videos, images, books... Videos are available directly in the page. A second group of tab classify posts related to your request, by category of content (Articles, news, images, forum threads, or articles from the blogs). All in one search! So Normal search is available, as if you were searching through a normal google search page, except it is enhanced with several other and usefull search results! I'm working on an english version, but it is not already online.

So,  all is still in a test phase. Contact me for suggestion, ideas,  request, etc... If you wish to have one for your site, just tell me ;)

test googlepsy with this url : example of search

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