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Written by Carnegie    jeudi, 10 décembre 2009

Welcome to the Not only Psychology (Nop) blog.

First of all, you may want to know who's behind this site. I'm a french student, Psychology fascinates me and for sure, i'd like to share some informations related to it on this blog. Cause I'm french and not particularly good at speaking english, I first ask you to be indulgent, if you see any grammar or vocabulary mistakes, or if my writing style looks strange to you. Be sure I'll try to do my best.

Why not only Psychology?

there are several reasons for which I want to deal here with Psychology in particular ways.

  • First, there are a lot of interesting blogs or site that talk about Psychology. You can see on the Nop Blog homepage some examples of them : Mind Hacks, Cognitive Daily, BPSrd, etc...English and American's blogospher is particularly dense, concerning psychology. Many interesting writings are posted each day on these blogs. So i'll try to talk about Psychology with some original points of view, dealing with subjects that are not particularely discussed, or sharing tools, scripts or informations that i hope, will be usefull for Psychology blogs webmasters. So first point is that i'll try to give to American and English Psychology blogospher, original information about psychology thematics that are not well documented, such as atypical syndroms (Mass hysteria, foreign accent syndrom, synaesthesia...),  artificial intelligence and life, animal psychology, or summary transcriptions of french articles.
  • Others Sciences. Since end of year 2007, i've made and participated to a french site named , on which i share some writings about impact of others sciences like mathematics or physics, on Psychology (for example, i talk about Lambda calculus or chaos theory, history of the eye for an eye law, behaviors of ants or bumblebees...). I think there are a lot of interesting informations on others sciences that could greatly help psychologists and researchers. So second, i'll try to write posts about those links between Psycho and others sciences.
  • Tools for psychologists, webmasters. As a webmaster, i sometimes create and share scripts or graphic tools, gadgets or else. For example, i've made a (sorry, french only) wordpress plugin that gives readers, for each article, html code to cite an article with normative format of APA or MLA style ; it also have others general features like send by mails or share in especially chosen social sites (reliables for science or psychology). I've too created some gadgets to follow interesting feeds more easily, scripts for others sites/blogs principally related to psychology, or the googlepsy (fr) platforms that allows french readers to do a request and have many results related to psychology on a single page (ordered by type - articles, books, videos... - or style - articles, news, forum, definitions...- of documents). I also sometimes discuss about Internet in the field of psychology, developments that could be useful or tools that looks useful to me for psychologists or Psy webmasters. Increase Psychology activity on the web doesn't limit to sharing informations, it also is concerned by adaptating web for psychology and psychology for web, so, third, i'll try to write some posts about scripts, tools and practices on internet, related to psychology, psychologists or Psy webmastering.
  • Humourous posts ! Sure, Psychology is a serious science. That doesn't mean it allways have to be taken seriously. Like Ed Yong from Not Exactly Rocket Science, I think that strong scientific articles could be sometimes "digested" in order to make them accessible to peoples that are not scientists or students. More, I think we can find pedagogic ways in some entertaining activities. For example, films that talk about some psychological diseases could be an amazing entry door, that interest people in learning more about it. That's kind of pedagogic way to lead readers and viewers to increase their knowledge, and for us, to share our exciting subjects.
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