Clever Crows
Written by Carnegie    vendredi, 18 décembre 2009

Some crows have developed kind of surprising eating strategies.

That's what this little documentary shows : like seagull dropping crabs from sky to rocks, to open their carapace, crows of this Japan town drop walnuts on the floor to break their shell. Interesting strategy but some walnuts are coriaceous...
So crows have learn to drop walnuts on the roads : cars roll on the nuts and break them. Food has just to be eaten now!
"Just to be eaten?" well, looks like it's a little dangerous to go through the trafic to take back food... So third part of the learning, crows drop their walnut on special parts of the roads : crosswalks. When red, cars crush the nuts. Crows just now have to wait for green and go eating. Bon appetit !
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