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Written by Carnegie    lundi, 14 décembre 2009
New Google Gadget has been recently developed, which allows you to easily follow news from several sites concerned by Psychology. Add this Gadget on your Igoogle personnalized pages simply by clicking this link : Psychology Feeds Part II

this gadget allows you to follow feeds in a multi tabs gadget, each tabs following only one feed, so you can separately watch for what's coming from a set of very interesting sites or part of sites related to psychology. Multi-options allow you to set appearence of the feeds : set title, font-size, number of entries, length of the summaries for each post, viewing dates, description... This gadget also rebuilds the feeds to prevent html code from interfering with your page.

Psychology feeds include feeds from the followings sites : Science Daily's Mind and Brain, Scientific American's Mind and Brain, ScienceBlogs (Channel Brain and Behavior), Research Blogging (Psychology and Neuroscience), Psychology Today, Medical News Today (Psychiatry and psychology), Social Psychology Network, Google News (posts related to psychology and neuroscience)
Also is there an Information Tab, where I can add informations about evolution of the widget, (for example, ask users to vote for a new feed tab or a tools tab). I'm also working on tool tabs like Quicksearch or Translate on the fly. If you want to follow other's sites or want to make a new widget about particular domain of science (i-e, for example, physics) just let me know what you want by contacting me. For developers, Source code is available on Google code. Hope this will be useful to you !
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