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Psychology feeds update
Written by Carnegie    dimanche, 15 août 2010

Please note several update in Psychology feeds I gadget .

Recently, a Science Blogs' bad move led excellent psychology bloggers to move away from this blogging structure. 

Cognitive Daily has ended, as well as Daily monthly. Though I've always liked Dave Munger's posts, it seems that he won't posts others regularly. Tab for his posts so have been replaced with one from the Mouse Trap. It's a very interesting psycho and neuro blog.

1. Feeds that have moved have been updated (such as the Frontal Cortex blog).

2 Important update : you can now choose the blogs you want to show on psychology gadget, simply by checking the parameters. This allows widget to contains more blogs and show only the ones you want.

3. I've chosen to add some other feeds from psycho-blogs I like : 

Developping intelligence by Chris Chatam

The blog of Livia Blackburne by... guess who

Neuronarrative by David DiSalvo

MindBlog by Deric Bownds

We're only Human by Wray Herbert

The Good Life by Christopher Peterson

Neuroanthropology by Paul Mason

MindBlog, We're only Human, The Good Life and NeuroAnthropology have been suggested by Sandeep Gautam from the Mouse Trap. Many Thanks for suggesting those interesting blogs.

Widget also contains the Nop Blog, for those who want to take sometimes a look on my work. I hope this widget will be usefull. 

*It takes a little time before Google entirely update all gadgets. if you don't see any change, just be patient ;).

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