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Written by Carnegie    samedi, 09 janvier 2010

Here's an exciting new project for the ResearchBlogging community, this recently developped tool let you choose the feeds you want to follow on ResearchBlogging. Same for the Language, although Chinese language is not completed (no post on some ResearchBlogging domains, so display can be disturbed when trying to read these inexistant feeds). You can test widget here on overlay, directly by clicking this link.

So this Gadget can easily display news from your favorite science domains treated by Research bloggers. Parameters are the following : 

  • Language 
  • Feeds to follow
  • A few display parameters like font-size,  number of feeds entries and their summary length, showing dates, etc...

Note this format allow you to export easily this gadget on other platforms such as Blogger (Google's Blogspots), google toolbar... Basically, widget can be displayed on every platform where you can enter javascript or html code.

  • Display on Blogger : simply choose a new Html/javascript block then enter the widget's url :
  • Add to Google Toolbar (directly on Mozilla Firefox/Interet explorer/Chrome): will be soon released on the toolbar directory


  • Also, note that this widget's format allow you to use the code for your google websites as well. For example, recently, I noticed the psychology sites widget have been exposed on this site.
  • Finally, you can display this widget wherever you want as long as you can use google's gadget features (add the gadget on your page). note that there is an alternate possibility to display the gadget, using iframe (not the google gadget service).

Technically, this new feature made me write new piece of code so as to let user choose parameters that I now can easily add to existant widgets such as Psychology (blogs) Feeds. So I will soon rework them so as to add enhanced properties. Please take a look on the information tabs, inside the widgets, to know when enhanced features will be ready.

Please use the comment form below for any suggestion or comment. I hope this widget will be useful to you.

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