Who is/are Psyblogs for?
Written by Carnegie    vendredi, 28 mars 2008
As its name indicates, Psyblogs.net targets, before all, Psychologists, students and adepts of related sciences. Our goal is to propose to visitors some pertinent information about psychology and about the way that they can use the web in order to enhance their work, theirs sites, to save time, etc...
We can help you to create psychology oriented projects on the web : tutorials, help in making your site, advises about platform you should use, service that will make you save time (Well, Psyblogs is one of them).
You want to publish your work on the web and don't know where to begin? don't want to bother yourself with informatics concepts?  So take time to list your ideas, your goal, the fonctionnnality you would like to had. We are here to advise you about the best way to begin your projects.

Why did we create Psyblogs?

Some people have high informatic and web knowledges. Some other, not. Everyone has kind of knowledge they could share. Web is complicated. Make a site and write on it sometimes isn't enough. Sometimes you need to work on ergonomy, design, you need to learn how to use tools and understand them, like rss feeds or content management systems. There a lot of new words on the internet. Manage a site can't be resume to the only writings, or even the way that the software of your site works. Sites grow and take place on a web, near to others sites. Search engines, partners, digg-likes, rss feeds, good practice, trackback, php, feedburner, many words those hide some usefull fonctionnalities... how to make your site visible, how to use others sites to enhance your properties, how to prepare and diffuse information. There are some examples of what you may find here. 
We hope we will bring you usefull informations or techniques, make you discover great tools, or good reads about Web, but psychology too ;)
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