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Written by Carnegie    mercredi, 02 avril 2008
Who, better than Psychology professionnals and themselves webmasters, could advise you about psychology related internet projects?

We share advises or help in creating, allows (very limited) hosting for your psychology related internet projects.

  • free hosting but very rare and limited. Our ambition is not to provide a blogging service but personnalized service when your projects cannot be host on an other public structure. We work on several type of CMS platforms, like blogs (Wordpress, Dotclear) or other content management systems (Joomla, Drupal, EzPublish...), Forums (SMF, Phpbb, Punbb...) tchat or gallery structures. Free hosting is not our aim so it's proposed on very particular case, your projects must be sound, necessitate structures or fonctionnalities that conventionnal services cannot provide. *
  • Psychology related Internet projects Conception can concerned organizations, associations, or single particulars, in association or not, with Psyblogs.
  • advises for the best platforms to use for your projects
  • Help on management with advises or technical interventions
  • Marketing or optimizing strategies, help on sharing your informations.
  • Scripts, trick about indexation or referencement, tools that could be useful for your projects and their functiuning. Large majority of psychology related projects have a really good content, but are limited because of not knowing web bases or tools that confirmed webmasters can show to you.

 * Many services provides excellent platforms for scientific bloggers or psychology professionnal, including google's blogspot and sites, or ScienceBlogs. Please consider using this services before asking us to host your projects !
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