Who are we?
Written by Carnegie    mercredi, 02 avril 2008

Psyblogs' aim is to promote Psychology through the web, by helping new Psychology Webmasters to create their own sites related to psychology.

Psyblogs is a web platform on which we present our Internet work and news from sites or blogs created by the team Psyblogs.

Psyblogs is also a sharing platform about tools, scripts, useful knowledges about Internet and management of Psychology related projects.

If you want to create this sort of Psychology website, then we are here to help you deconstructing web mechanisms, especially for Psychology site's, and warn you about things you should have to think to before creating your projects. For example, platforms that will be the best for your projects, role of URLs, domain names, scripts that could help you, how you can increase visibility of your work, etc...

So Psyblogs is a web service of share and help in creating Web projects related to Psychology.

Psyblogs team include independant webmasters or internet users who wants to share their experience. Web is a complicated world and many webmasters begin to work on it without essential knowledges about Internet's functionning. (that's what we did!). So many works appear to become meaningless, some others must be reactualized, and there's a lot of time lost because of rushing online publication of a work. When we created our first projects, we did a lot of mistakes that later, we had to compensate. So we now want to share advises with those who wants too to create this kind of projects.

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