Netvibes gadget for a psychologist
Written by Carnegie    jeudi, 16 octobre 2008

Psyblogs recently developped a Netvibes Gadget that follow news from four sites on where Jisee (Jean-Christophe Dardart), clinician psychologist, write some articles.

This gadget shows you on real time the news from, articles by Jisee from, and

As well as all our gadgets, this one is available and compatible with Netvibes, Igoogle, Windows Vista... It's developped under the UWA technology that allow to be compatible with all those platform, as well as direct html : you can copy and paste the following code in order to show the gadget directly in your pages! 

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript"> var BW = new UWA.BlogWidget({moduleUrl:''}); BW.setConfiguration({'title':'Psychanalyse et internet', 'height':396}); </script>

This gadget shows 4 tabs, each dedicated to one of the four sites. There's also a information tab. Here is a screenshot of it, just click on the image to see the widget in action, and add it to your personnal pages!

widget netvibes Jisee



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