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Written by Carnegie    vendredi, 07 décembre 2007
Some site have feeds but no possibilities to allow their readers to send their content via mail, or some submission button to Facebook, del.icio.us.... Feedburner allows you to add options to your feeds ; feed flares are new fonctionnalities directly integrated to your feeds that allow readers, for example, to submit your content to social sites (as Digg.com, Furl, Stumble...), send content by email, ad a lot of other features.

If you don't know what is feedburner then go to : http://www.feedburner.com . Feedburner is a powerfull tool for your rss feeds, that optimize compatibilities with feed readers, provide you stats of your readers, etc...

How can you use Feed flares?

When your feed is validated and stored on Feedburner :

On te tab Optimize
- Activate Smartfeed (optional but usefull, it increase compatibility of your feed with many feed readers.

- Activate feedflares if you wish that your feed should present option like "send this by mail" "tag on Del.icio.us", etc...

I've made two feedflares that allow you to place a "Publish on Psychoring " or a "submit to Joook " button. Here are their URL :

http://www.psychoring.com/options/feedflare-psychoring.­xml (Psychology)­
http://www.joook.net/options/feedflare-joook.xml   (Humor)­

(make sure that the URL is right in your adress bar. Sometimes Navigator replace automatically sign, for example, by .AD)

In order to add Psychoring or Joook Feedflares, just copy and paste url of the feedflares in the tab "feedflare" , then, at the bottom of the page, choose "add new feedflare", then choose "link".

Here is an example :  

Voici un exemple : http://feeds.feedburner.com/psychoweb/psychoweb-fr-blog
As you can see, some utilities are available on the bottom of the link and extract, directly in the feed.
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